About us

MusTec, the company behind the MusTec HD

MusTec HD stands for Muscle Dynamic Technology Hand-held Dynamometer and is developed by a Dutch medical company with a vision to provide practitioners with better insight into the outcome of treatments. This allows practitioners, but also patients to gain substantiated insight into the noticeable effect of treatment. Treatment by measuring force ensures effectiveness, efficiency and saves costs for care institutions.

MusTec HD, developed by MusTec.

The developers of MusTec – with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of Musculoskeletal treatment – have brought together their expertise to create the MusTec HD. Customers believe it has become an effective, successful, and innovative product especially is enhanced with the optional and complementary propriety software. MusTec HD is now successfully used in over 12 countries and more countries will follow soon.

We are always looking for more distributors around the world to represent us and enable worldwide distribution. Better distribution means more access for practitioners, which in turn results in better rehabilitation outcomes for patients. https://mustec.info/information-for-dealers/

Our Inspiration

Practitioners are professional and empathetic people who treat musculoskeletal conditions around the world. They can provide better insight into their work with a portable dynamometer.

Our Vision

We aim to see every physiotherapist with a MusTec HD in their pocket so that they can quantify muscle strength. In this way, doctors can apply that information and their skills to improve the daily quality of life of each of their patients. Nothing would give us more satisfaction than contributing to that goal.

Who we are

MusTec was founded in 2013 with the proceeds from the sale of our 20-year-old company Biometrics Motion. This new company, MusTec, was founded with the sole purpose of developing a modern portable dynamometer for people with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal complaints or chronic conditions.

Code of Conduct

MusTec takes the environment into account. We try to consider our environment and our shared future. Our goal is to minimize the burden on the environment through recycling, travel time restrictions and with the development of our products. The latter, among other things, through material and production choices, as well as through control of the total life cycle of the production process. In addition, we support research where the question is related to the remedy of chronic muscle disorders.

A BioFET to a physiotherapist should be like a stethoscope to a physician!

H.G.A. van den Heuvel